Mobile Quoter only$69.99
Annual Cost

Looking for a quick experience when using the web for insurance quotes? This is where we deliver. The agent quoter provides agents the ability to quote Term, Simple Issue Term and Simple Issue Whole Life. Minimal input required to get a quote, Term length, DOB, Sex, State, Smk/NSmk, and Benefit amount is all that is needed to provide an instant quote. The quote returns the monthly premium from the choices you have selected for company rates to be displayed.

The Mobile Quoter is also available as a stand alone product for a minimal fee.

Whether you are providing quotes via the web using a landing page or talking with a prospect over the phone, Agent Quote has the best product for your quoting needs.

Key Features:

  • Fully reponsive design - quote on any device
  • Choose your default State
  • Three markets to quote: Term - Simple Issue Term - Simple Issue Whole Life
  • Choose the carriers you represent or quote all carriers
  • Choose carriers based on each market you work: Term - Final Expense - Mortgage Protection
  • Add an agent Consumer Landing Page for only $32.99 a month
  • Support, documentation, and updates