Top 10 Insights for Insurance Agents on Digital Marketing

Top 10 Insights for Insurance Agents on Digital Marketing

Almost every purchase in today's digital age is the result of an online search, as over 50% of the global population is under 30 and has grown up using technology. This makes digital marketing an ideal way to reach this demographic as they spend most of their time online.

Digital marketing involves using online channels such as email, social media, and web-based advertising to connect with and engage potential and existing customers. It is considered the holy grail for business success because it allows businesses to connect with their customers where they are most active, and it enables vital touchpoints for communication.

Traditional marketing strategies have high costs and low investment returns in today's competitive market. Insurance, in particular, has been slow to adapt to technology, leading to customer distrust and low accountability on sales agents. Digital marketing provides an opportunity for affordable insurance marketing activities that are more accessible to track and monitor campaigns, interactive through various digital channels, and can help improve customer relations.

To succeed in insurance digital marketing, there are ten key insights to consider:

  1. Determine your customer base by interpreting customer requirements and persona to build a hyper-personalized marketing plan that suits your customer's needs.
  2. Create a top-grade website with crucial information and the right call-to-action buttons. Ensure that the most important information is at the top of the page, the navigation is easy, and the layout is pleasant.
  3. Offer high-quality content such as subject matter expert write-ups catering to frequent questions to your agency.
  4. Utilize gated content, such as case studies and e-books, to collect solid leads that are in line with your business model.
  5. Develop effective email campaigns that are personalized and offer value adds such as hygiene campaigns, information about insurers, and policy enhancement information.
  6. Optimize your website with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques such as including relevant keywords, alt images, and link building.
  7. Consistently post valuable content on 2 to 3 social media platforms to improve customer engagement.
  8. Repurpose quality content to reach readers that prefer different mediums and writing formats.
  9. Automate marketing efforts using the right marketing tools and software to maintain a stable data flow across all channels.
  10. Conduct research and analyze results to determine the type of content, platform, and mediums that work best for your agency and customers.

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